Hangin' with 3DFX

Cast: Steve Schick, Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Steve is holding onto a wire as a yellow bird is next to his hand. All you can see is the hand.}
Steve: Yes, Emergency? Hello! This is Steve Schick, from 3DFX. You know, the guy who downplayed 32-bit color in a 3D Accelerator? I'm really glad I got a hold of you.

Panel 2

{The yellow bird starts pecking Steve's hand.}
Steve: You see, I seem to be up on a telephone wire! It's really quite embarassing. I am just hanging here!

Panel 3

{Zooms out. Steve's pants are on fire and Gabe and Tycho are watching from down below.}
Steve: As if that weren't enough, my pants also seem to be on fire! Unlucky day! I'm not sure, but I think these things might be related!

Fun Facts Edit

  • Gabe and Tycho have no speaking role.

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