Cast: Gabe, Man, Guy, Tycho

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Panel 1

{Gabe is stood facing Man, Guy and Tycho, who each are sat on the couch. Gabe has his hands raised slightly.}
Gabe: Last time we had one of these Halo parties, things got a little out of hand. There was yelling. There was hooting. I like living here. I want to keep living here. That means you guys need to shut the fuck up. We all get excited when we capture the flag, and that's good. I want to encourage that. But, instead of screaming so loud that police come and shove a nightstick up my ass, why don't we just blink? Or, touch our noses?

Panel 2

{Zoom into Gabe. Gabe is touching his nose.}
Gabe: There. Now, isn't this exciting? I'm excited.

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