Alone In The Dark

Cast: Tycho, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho is sat facing the audience, reading the newspaper. Gabe has the fridge open and is reading into it.}
Tycho: Career-wise, where do you have to be when Uwe Boll comes a knockin', and that knockin' sounds good? To say, "Yes, Uwe Boll. Cram me headfirst into the asshole of cinema."

Panel 2

{Gabe is stood behind Tycho, reading over his shoulder, opening a can of soda.}
Gabe: I don't know. I still kinda like Christian Slater. Tremors. Flatliners. You know, fuckin'... Stir of Echoes. All good films.
Tycho: You're thinking of Kevin Bacon. That's a totally different guy.

Panel 3

{Gabe's soda has started to froth up. Gabe is looking upwards.}
Gabe: Wow. Kevin Bacon is awesome. Who was that in Mystic River?
Tycho: Kevin Bacon again.
Gabe: That's Incredible.

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