Good Money After Almost Incalculably Bad

Cast: Employee, Investor

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{An employee is showing a slideshow. The first slide has a picture of a bin with money in it.}
Employee: Gentlemen, let's talk a little bit about this trash can we're asking you to pitch your money into. A trash can... Called Infinium Labs.
Employee: First, our target audience considers us a joke. We're the laughing stock of the industry.

Panel 2

{Slide changes to a rate table. The blue lines are straight and going up. The red line has declined.}
Employee: Second, our competitors have already beaten us to the market - they've done it better, and faster than we could have ever dreamed.
Employee: Third, anyone with any vision or intelligence has long since escaped our swirling vortex of waste and money.

Panel 3

{Slide is now a question mark. The employee is looking at audience. Investor is off panel.}
Investor: How do investors generally respond to this pitch?
Employee: At the last meeting, a man actually pooped on me.
Investor: Poop?
Employee: Like, from a butt.

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