A Narrative in Crisis

Cast: Delta Force Operative #1, Delta Force Operative #2

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Operative #1 is wearing a Nano Muscle Suit, casually grasping a rifle in the right hand, and standing in a swamp-like environment with green mist permeating it. He is communicating with Operative #2 over the radio.}
Operative #1: Sir, I think we've lost contact with our writers.
Operative #2: What does that mean?
Operative #1: I means we're fighting aliens, and the crazy guy's name is Psycho.

Panel 2

{Change scene to Operative #2, standing in a similar environment. He is also wearing a Nano Muscle Suit and holding a rifle, but mask and visor are removed.}
Operative #2: Be advised: we are transmitting dialogue.
Operative #1: Sir, I can't read this. Not in good conscience.
Operative #2: You will deliver those lines, soldier! And you will do so in a spooky voice!

Panel 3

{Back to a close view of Operative #1's head.}
Operative #1: I don't...
Operative #2: Spookier!
Operative #1: I don't think we're alone here.
Operative #2: DUN DUN DUN!

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