James Winifred "Jim" Darkmagic is the D&D alter ego of artist Mike Krahulik . He is a wizard class character who is supremely arrogant and shamelessly self promoting.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about the man called James Winifred Darkmagic III (of the New Hamp-Shire Darkmagics). He recently surfaced into public view when he signed on with the adventuring band Aquisitions Inc. where he splits his time between acts of daring heroism and touring a small magic show known as the Jim Darkmagic experience™. The show, described as "feats of frolic", mostly consists of Jim demonstrating his arcane power to townsfolk. Reviews have been mixed with adventuring partner Binwin Bronzebottom proclaiming the show unmissable, and others being less charitable[1]. This rigorous regime of self promotion has at the very least left Jim surprisingly well known, even among the notoriously culturally oblivious necromancer demographic.

It is whispered among some that Jim Darkmagic is no mere man but an idea transcended into life, and if one should die another will take up the mantle and carry on his heroic struggle.

The recent passing of Jim's grandfather, Jim Darkmagic the first, has resulted in Jim being left almost the entire Darkmagic estate including the house, patriarchy of the family, the fortune and the tomes that allowed his grandfather to become an archmage by the time he was 21.

House of DarkmagicEdit

The Darkmagic Family and accompanying Estate Personnel are a diverse and powerful group, but not prone to coordination or cooperation amongst themselves. The family has a longstanding rivalry with the Wisconsin Wartstaffs. Relation to Jim given in parenthesis.

2 generations from JimEdit

James "Jim" Tarthanian Darkmagic I (Paternal Grandfather, deceased) Archmage and patriarch of Darkmagic family
Doloris "Nana" Wartstaff Darkmagic (Paternal Grandmother) Real Lich

1 generation from JimEdit

James "Jim" Darkmagic II (Father, deceased)
Martha Darkmagic (Mother, insane)
2nd Darkmagic Brother (Uncle, deceased)
Wanda Darkmagic (Aunt)
3rd Darkmagic Brother (Uncle, deceased)
Gorgon Darkmagic (Aunt) Head under constant reconstruction by tiny people.

Jim's generationEdit

James "Jim" Darkmagic III
Olivia Darkmagic (Sister, raised by Wanda) Busty, not bushy
Percival "Percy" Darkmagic (Brother, raised by Wanda)
Wretched Darkmagic (Cousin) Daughter of Gorgon, wears a mask
Hideous Darkmagic (Cousin) Son of Gorgon, likes snakes


Clatterby (Guardian) Enchanted or possessed suit of Armor
Mr. Con (Lawyer) Golem jurist and executor of the last will and testament of James Darkmagic I
Snarl (Coachman) Mute
Cronk (Steed/coach) Undead Dragon
Valkar the Magnificent (Butler) Tiefling family servant whose hobbies include drinking and slight of hand magic
Gygax (Cat) Spy for the Wartstaff family
Dimzy Ironwick (Handydwarf)
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