Better Late Than Never

Cast: Worker, Miner

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Worker and Miner are stood facing each other. Miner is covered in soot.}
Miner: I got good news, and I got bad news. Good news is, you're sittin' on a rich vein of Eternal Darkness.
Worker: Well, how rich are we talking?
Miner: Trilogy.

Panel 2

{Miner pulls out a map with three red circles drawn on it. Miner points at picture.}
Worker: Hot damn! Well, what are you doin' in here? Go down there an' get it!
Miner: Well, relax... Now, I told ya there was bad news. To get to that Eternal Darkness, we need to push through three layers of Too Human, here, here, and here.

Panel 3

{Worker lifts his arms, revealing that he has no hands. Miner puts the map away and looks at the Worker's lack of hands.}
Miner: We go down there, good men are gonna die. You want that blood on your hands?
Worker: Oh, but I don't have any hands.
Miner: Ah! Well, I mean, what happened to 'em?
Worker: I got sick of 'em.

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