And You Thought Fiction Was A Universally Understood Concept

Cast: Mayor

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Panel 1

{Mayor is stood facing the audience with his hand raised slightly.}
Mayor: As the mayor of Las Vegas, I was shocked to find that Yoob... Ubb... Oobisoft's latest Rainbow Six game implies that terrorists have taken root in our city. This is a "false premise." But once we began to draw back the curtain, we saw many such lies - perpetrated under the guise of fiction.

Panel 2

{Mayor raises his arms in the air.}
Mayor: For example, Nicholas Cage never landed a C-123 full of convicts on our world famous strip, studded as it is with unbeatable restaurants and unique entertainment. Furthermore, eleven charismatic thieves never managed to rob two of our fabulous casino hotel pleasure palaces in a single night by means of an elaborate ruse.

Panel 3

{Mayor lowers his arms.}
Mayor: The very idea that terrorists could ever wrest control of Las Vegas from the deeply entrenched organized crime lords who rule over this town is nothing short of preposterous. Regardless of what you might have seen on CSI: Las Vegas, if you choose to spend your holiday with us, there's a good chance you won't be murdered.

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