The French Word For Future

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2001: {people worried over half-life} Columbine Massacre Mod Released
2002: {senator lieberman shown} Senator Lieberman calls for the ban of all videogames and teenagers
2003: Congress passes "Electronic Entertainment Warps America's Youth Act," making it illegal to buy, sell, or make videogames
2004: {kids sat} Congress unanimously passes "Teenagers Are Good For Nothing Act"
2004: {kid getting medically examined} Nation's 12 year-olds closely monitored for teenage tendencies
2005: Without their drug of choice, American FPS fans raid sewers, warehouses, and space stations for their next fix
2007: Gamers forced into direct sunlight for the first time burst into flame
2007: {darkened sky} Sky is blackened with the soot of a hundred million dead
2008: Fissure In The Earth's Crust Releases a Moaning Horde Of Damned Souls
2010: {jesus shown} Jesus Christ returns in glory, "My Dad is going to be so mad at you guys, I'm not kidding"

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