Wholly True Tales From Comic-Con 2005

Cast: Tycho, Kid, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho is sat facing away from the audience. A kid is at the other side of the counter, holding money. Tycho is taking the money.}
Kid: Can I get a sketch, you think?
Tycho: Oh, sure. Just give me ten bucks.
Kid: I heard it was free.
Tycho: Lies.

Panel 2

{Gabe arrives. Tycho tries to cover the kid's mouth.}
Gabe: What's going on here? Have you been charging for my sketches?
Kid: Yeah! He just...
Tycho: {interrupts} Whoa, whoa! Huh-uh. Shh.
Kid: He made me give him ten dollars.

Panel 3

Tycho: Wow, you're a piece of shit, aren'tcha! You're going to ruin my whole operation. What a little fucker you are.
Gabe: Give him back his money.

Panel 4

{Zoom in on the kid and Tycho. The kid is on the verge of tears.}
Tycho: I'm going to kill you. That's not a joke, either. I'm going to find you over by the Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and I'm going to murder you.

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