Tips From The Pros

Cast: Employee, Gabe, Tycho, Kara

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are stood in front of the employee. Tycho has a smile.}
Gabe: Hello! I need some big, fuzzy balls to serve my friend here.
Employee: Sir, be assured that our entire ball catalog is of the highest quality!

Panel 2

{Tycho covers his mouth, Gabe indicates a gripping motion with his left hand.}
Employee: With prolonged use though, it's common for even great balls to lose that original fur.
Gabe: Boy, that's the truth. Say, maybe you could help me with my grip...

Panel 3

{Scene change. Gabe has a black eye. Kara is stood next to Tycho, who is pointing at Gabe.}
Kara: Then you asked him if you could "try out his balls"?
Tycho: It was the coolest. When they threw him out, he actually bounced!

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