On Euphemisms

Cast: Dave Jones, Interviewer

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Rockstar Responds To "Hot Coffee" Controversy

Panel 1

{View of the office with closed blinds and Dave peaking through them. A sign with "we are NOT Here!!" is seen. Box at top.}
Box: Stage One was basically just hiding.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Dave has his hands in the air. Interviewer off panel. Box at top and bottom.}
Box: Stage Two was a precisely worded lie.
Dave: It was TEH HAXORZ!!!
Box: Stage Three will, we believe, consist of bullshit.
Interviewer: {off panel} Wait... Isn't this content also accessible on the PS2?

Panel 3

{Dave does the "quotes" symbol with his fingers.}
Dave: We believe that, using their "mad skillz," they were able to crack the time stream, taking malicious code with them back into the past, to alter their future, which has now become OUR PRESENT!

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