Cast: Gabe, Man

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{Gabe's face at the top.}
Gabe: I do appreciate your warning me about Palladium. When you spell Microsoft "M$" though, this is what I picture.

Panel 1

{Man is sat at the computer.}
Man: Mr. Gates, you no doubt saw my use of the dollar sign in my recent correspondence, as you have been monitoring my actions for quite some time from your sunless warren below Fort Redmond.

Panel 2

{Zoom in. Man grows annoyed.}
Man: {angrily} You live like rats. You are like rats, sir! And not like the Rats of Nimh, who were wise, and ultimately benevolent.

Panel 3

{Zoom out. Man looks up and clenches his fist.}
Man: You might be interested to know the title of my woefully unpublished Star Trek novella, "Gates of Borg." From my parents' home in Wyoming, I stab at thee!

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