It Really Is That Good

Cast: Gabe, Officer, Bob, Police

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is sat frozen in position with his hands clasped. Officer has got Gabe's Playstation pad.}
Officer: Lucky bastard. He was playing this ICO game, just like at the last place. Bob, you gotta try this.

Panel 2

{Bob arrives and is holding the Playstation pad. Officer has lowered his hand.}
Officer: You need to jump, God dammit. Jump! Do you want those shadow monsters to take the princess? For Christ's sake, Bob!
Bob: Well, it's hard! All I've got is this stick! And could you cover that guy up, or something? He's really freaking me out.

Panel 3

{Police stands behind Bob. Gabe has a paper bag over his head.}
Police: Oh yeah, I've seen this. Rookie, you need to push the box. You're pulling! Get on the other side.

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