I Haven't Slept In Three Days

Cast: Bioderm, Tycho, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A Bioderm is holding a teeth diagram. Tycho is whispering to Gabe.}
Bioderm: The inflammation in the gum-line is caused by this early Alpha of Tribes 2.
Tycho: The dentist is a Bioderm!
Gabe: I'm sure it's fine.

Panel 2

{Inside the office, Tycho is lying back on the chair. The Bioderm is holding his head.}
Tycho: When do I get the funny gas?
Bioderm: ROWRR!
Tycho: {scared} I just remembered. I have to run screaming out of the room!

Panel 3

{Outside the office, Gabe is reading the newspaper.}
Gabe: Oh, Garfield. You're such a lazy kitty.

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