Admonishments: ViewSonic

Cast: Gabe, Guy, Tycho

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{Guy is sat at his computer, slouching to one side as he plays his computer. Gabe is stood next to Guy, pointing at his monitor. Tycho is stood on his monitor.}
Tycho: The turntable and the skull, together in close proximity, imply that he is some kind of voodoo DJ. The locker below contains voodoo supplies. Blood, chickens, etc.
Gabe: Look at these biceps! They're as big around as my fucking waist.
Tycho: He must have a heavy mouse.
Gabe: Check out this stubble! You can tell that he has been gaming hard for days. Judging from the bottom of the page, he's having a rousing game of the box art from Warcraft III.
Gabe: Why does he have two clocks?
Tycho: The one on the left is a speedometer for his extreme life. The other one is set to Tokyo time, so he knows when to drift race.

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