At The Feast Of Afterwinter

Cast: Soldier, Soldier, Solider, Leader, Cardboard Tube Samurai

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The tower of the mercenary base is seen.}

Panel 2

{Inside, the leader is walking past the soldiers, with his finger pointing.}
Leader: They are the Shadow Lord's lieutenants, and their lives are worth a hundred... a thousand men! If one of them wishes to cross the river, you will die until your bodies form the bridge!

Panel 3

{Leader is turns around and shifts his eyes.}
Leader: And let us hear no more of this Waking Dragon, this autumn-razor!
Leader: We face threats enough without resoting to some phantom, his tube held high.

Panel 4

{Zoom in on the leader as he turns around.}
Leader: His... T-t-... Tube...

Panel 5

{Several soldiers are dead around the stairs. The CTS's silhouette is putting his Cardboard Tube away.}

Panel 6

{Zoom in on the CTS's face.}
CTS: Hm!

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