The Very Picture Of Discomfort

Cast: Man, Gabe, Tycho

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Panel 1

{A man is entering an elevator. Gabe and Tycho are stood next to each other.}
Gabe: I'm playing Knights of the Old Republic, and I like it, but I don't think I understand the combat.
Tycho: Well, it's a lot more fun once you get some Jedi powers. You know, stuff like "Horror" and "Choke."

Panel 2

{The man turns around and starts to crush Gabe and Tycho.}
Gabe: I'm going light side, though. I don't think I'm going to get any of that stuff.
Tycho: Well, when light Jedi hit twelfth level, you get a power called "Mild Discomfort."

Panel 3

{Panel pans behind the man, with Tycho getting crushed.}
Gabe: Oh yeah? What's that do?
Tycho: It makes them kind of itch a little bit.

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