Last Rites, Part One

Cast: Tobun, Cardboard Tube Samurai

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Ninjas are surrounding Tobun and the Cardboard Tube Samurai.}
Box: The Cardboard Tube Samurai's reputation continued to grow - he even fought alongside heroes such as Tobun.

Panel 2

{Tobun is in the mountains, alone, when he finds a sword lodged into the ground.}
Box: After their victory at Golden Pillar, Tobun returned home to find a gift - a sword, the work of a true master: This was, no doubt, compensation for some heroic exploit he could not precisely recall.
Box: But, there was something odd about the sword. The weight of it? There was something very odd indeed.

Panel 3

{Tobun picks up the sword.}

Panel 4

{Scene change. Tobun is stood in front of a burning village.}
Box: Some say the sword was cursed - what else could make this noble man do the things he had done? To kill, as he did, without discrimination - cutting until each village ran with an apple's depth of blood?

Panel 5

{Zoom in on Tobun's eye.}
Box: Or did he merely watch, forced to gaze on as that damned blade did the work of hell?

Panel 6

{Tobun stabs himself in the eye. Panel is coloured black and red.}
Box: I have heard it said that, when the sword's resolve lulled for but a moment, he drove a dagger into his eye in horror at the things he'd been forced to do - but the sword would not let him die.
Box: He would never get that chance again.

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