Last Rites, Part Two

Cast: Cardboard Tube Samurai, Civilian, Tobun

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The Cardboard Tube Samurai is in the shadows of the background. A dead warrior has a spear through him, with a note.}

Panel 2

{CTS reads the note, which reads "meet me in winter."}

Panel 3

{Tobun and CTS meet up for their final duel. A knife is through Tobun's eye.}
Tobun: It's not me doing this, old friend.

Panel 4

{Close up of Tobun's face.}
Tobun: It's not me.

Panel 5

{Tobun tries to attack CTS, but he defends as the battle continues.}

Panel 6

{Tobun jumps and raises his blade in the air.}
Tobun: End this, you bastard! TOBUN IS ALREADY DEAD!

Panel 7

{Gabe smashes his tube into Tobun's stomach, making him bleed.}

Panel 8

{Close up on Tobun's face as he nears death in the arms of the CTS.}
Tobun: Before this moment, did I ever see the world?

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