Twisp & Catsby In: The Land Of Upp

Cast: Balloon, Catsby, Twisp, Balloon x14

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Catsby and Twisp are walking through the park. Catsby has a humanoid balloon.}
Balloon: Let us speak of clouds, shall we?

Panel 2

{Zoom in on the Balloon and Catsby. Balloon and Catsby look at each other. Twisp off panel.}
Balloon: Clouds.
Catsby: Yes, clouds. I am familiar with the
Balloon: {interrupts} Are they... Angel candy? Or perhaps the sky's dreams?

Panel 3

{Zoom into Catsby and Twisp. Catsby looks at Twisp. Balloon off panel.}
Balloon: {off panel} In the sky of my head, are my dreams candy? For the angels which are my thoughts?
Twisp: Tiresome.
Catsby: I am no longer enamored of our loquacious companion.

Panel 4

{Zoom out. Catsby has let go of the balloon. Balloon is floating upwards.}
Catsby: Fly, fly, balloon man. Savor the void! Where do balloons go, Twisp?
Twisp: Away.

Panel 5

{The balloon is floating further upwards. Fourteen other balloons are in the sky, looking down at the incoming balloon.}

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