A Unique Predicament

Cast: Viacom Boss

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Panel 1

{The boss of Viacom is stood behind a podium with the word "Viacom" on it. He has his hand raised slightly.}
Boss: Activision claims that Viacom has not sufficiently exploited the Star Trek license. In actual fact, Star Trek continues to be a very powerful brand worldwide - despite our best efforts to the contrary.

Panel 2

{The boss points behind himself with his thumb.}
Boss: There was a couple guys that had cool ideas for shows, like Section 31 or those Time Guys. I said, "clean out your fucking desk, Bob! You don't work here anymore!"

Panel 3

{The boss clenches his fist and puts it on the podium.}
Boss: I don't think you understand how hard it is to drive a brand into the ground, and erode the popular support that has flourished for over thirty years. I get up early. And I don't go to bed until I've made some very poor decisions.

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