The Scion, Part Two

Cast: Father, Annarchy, Mother

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Father is holding a book as he walks down the hall with Annarchy.}
Father: You know the rule. No boys until you're married.
Annarchy: But, daddy! If I don't go, there's a chance I may die.

Panel 2

{Father stands next to Mother. Annarchy has her hands up in the background.}
Father: That would make your mother and I very sad.
Annarchy: You're criminals, both of you! I'm going to call child protection services, adn they'll haul me away from this misery!
Father: Assuming they found you a foster family before this weekend, I doubt they'd let you go either.

Panel 3

{Annarchy cries as she walks up the stairs. Father is at the bottom. Mother is off panel.}
Annarchy: Ungh! I hate you! Why don't you just lock me in a tower?
Father: Honey, what do you think of a tower? We just got our tax return.
Mother: Yeah... Maybe in the back yard.

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