The Bad Boys Of Punctuation

Cast: Mr. Period, Capital Letter, Exclamation Point, Question Mark, Comma, Hyphen

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The Letter

Dear Japan,

What the fuck? I imported your goddamn Viewtiful Joe or whatever and that game is like punishment from God. Hey you ball eating sons of bitches have you cocks ever heard of a fucking save point? Let me tell you how it works after you fight a boss you save is that so fucking hard? What in the shit is the idea behind four bosses in a row and no save points? If it wasn't so fanfuckingtastic I would have given up and thrown it in the river. To sum up I like your game, but it is very hard.

Your pal, Gabe.

P.S. Send Pocky.


Mr. Period: Hey kids, it's me - Mr. Period! Can we see what's wrong with Gabe's letter to Japan?
Mr. Period: {creating a comma} Uh-oh! There should be a comma between "ball eating sons of bitches" and "have you cocks"!
Mr. Period: {placing a full stop after 'works'} How about here? That's right!
Mr. Period: Fan-fucking-tastic might not be a word, but we can give it the star treatment with a few hyphens!
Mr. Period: Great! Now we have a letter worthy of Emperor Akihito!
Mr. Period: {stood next to Capital Letter, Exclamation Point, Question Mark, Comma and Hyphen} We all work together to make this letter better!

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