Tycho + MS Paint = Horror

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A poorly-drawn Gabe and Tycho are stood facing each other.}
Gabe: I don't know about A.I. I'm pretty sure I didn't like it.
Tycho: I think I kinda did.

Panel 2

{Gabe raises his hands in the air.}
Gabe: Oh, really. Well, what did you like best? Was it the aliens filled with juice, or the fact that hair saved the day?

Panel 3

{Tycho raises his hands slightly. Gabe points at Tycho.}
Tycho: Actually, my favorite part was when you yelled, "What the hell is this shit," and that huge guy beat you up.
Gabe: I don't think that counts.

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