Adventures Into Digital Bullshit

Cast: Leonard M. Cachola, Tycho, Patrick Farley, Gabe, Interviewer

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Filming begins on the Webcomic documentary, Adventures Into Digital Comics.

Panel 1

{Leonard and Tycho are sat looking at the audience. Tycho is pointing upwards.}
Leonard: We're at the advent of a brand new medium and I just hope to God that it won't be closed off like other systems have been closed off to us.
Tycho: {sarcastically} Yes. I also hope that no-one closes off the Internet.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Patrick and Gabe are sat facing the audience. Gabe is looking away, twiddling his fingers. Interviewer off panel.}
Patrick: What I try to do mechanically is reinvent the page when its not a page.
Interviewer: {off panel} And Gabe? I know you're the artist for Penny Arcade. Do you ever reinvent things mechanically?
Gabe: Oh, well sure... I start out by reinventing, and then I disinvent it. I swim in the realm between panels, what I call the... Imaginarium?

Panel 3

{Zoom out. Gabe starts up. Tycho is now on panel.}
Gabe: Oh, Christ. I can't do this. I'm just not a complete douchebag.
Tycho: I think we're the only people here who don't jerk off to Reinventing Comics.

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