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Cast: Mary, Randy Pinkwood

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Panel 1

{Mary is sat down facing the audience. Picture in background is Sony with a question mark behind it.}
Mary: Sony today released a mysterious, ambiguously worded press release regarding their Internet initiative. "We're currently in the process of processing the selections for a committee to determine the need for a committee to discuss the possibility of some kind of online thing."

Panel 2

{Randy is sat at the counter, facing the audience. Picture in background is a logo of Final Fantasy: The Next One.}
Randy: Square today unveiled the next game in the legendary Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy: The Next One. The main character - who might be a man or a woman - is said to gain levels and employ a weapon of some kind. Rumors of an ultimate confrontation with ancient evil remain uncorroborated.

Panel 3

{Zoom out slightly. Mary and Randy are sat next to each other, staring at each other.}
Mary: In local news, no, I will not sleep with you, Randy.
Randy: In other news, Mary here is a stone cold bitch who just threw away the keys to a hot rod.

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