Yarnmaster Graal, High Knitter Of Ogrimmar

Cast: Warrior, Soldier

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Panel 1

{The orc warrior has his axe in the air in anger. Soldier is off panel.}
Warrior: Blood and steel! To what battle do we ride today, brothers?
Soldier: {off panel} We're playing CTF.
Warrior: What's this, now?

Panel 2

{Warrior puts his axe down. Soldier stands next to him.}
Soldier: Yeah, we're going to try to get their flag. But they're going to try to get ours too, so... we'd better watch out.
Warrior: Yeah, I know what it is.

Panel 3

{Soldier puts his hand on Warrior's shoulder.}
Warrior: I just rode out from Ogrimmar, and I gotta say... I really expected a lot more, you know... War, I guess.
Soldier: Yeah, not so much. Wednesday is usually touch football out on the west field. Mondays, we all get together and make friendship bracelets at the lodge.

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