Will Work For Games

Cast: Tycho, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho and Gabe are stood facing each other. Tycho is holding money and Gabe is indicating he has an idea.}
Tycho: So after all that bacon, I've only got like fifty-five bucks left over - and between Vampire, Earth 2150, Diablo II and Deus Ex I'm having a hard time choosing.
Gabe: Wait! No, I've got it!

Panel 2

{Zoom in on Gabe's face.}
Gabe: First, we'll get four healthy gerbils. We name each of them after a game. Then, over the course of several weeks, they'll be trained in various forms of armed and unarmed combat. We will place them in an elaborate arena of my own design, where they will contend not only with each other, but also with a wide variety of traps - any one of which could prove lethal!

Panel 3

{Zoom back out. Tycho has put his money away.}
Tycho: I guess so, but we could also draw names out of a hat or something.
Gabe: Jesus Christ, man. Where are we going to find a hat?

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