Cast: Man, Gabe, Tycho

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Panel 1

{Man is playing a game with a headset on. Man is talking to Gabe using headset.}
Man: Man, that lag was unbearable. Can anybody else host? Apparently Gabe can't.
Gabe: {headset} Listen, fuckshit - nobody's ever complained about my connection before.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Gabe is sat playing a game with a headset on. Gabe is talking to man on headset.}
Gabe: You ever think maybe it was your problem? Maybe you just can't handle all the data I'm sending you.
Man: {headset} I've played on fat pipes, alright? That's not what this is.

Panel 3

{Panel pans in front of Gabe and Tycho. Tycho is stood behind the couch.}
Gabe: Your mom didn't complain when she connected to my server last night! Yeah! Why don't you ask her what her ping was.
Tycho: Gabriel, one day the assholes of the world will come together, and they will build a statue of you.

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