Treachery Manifest

Cast: Man, Gabe, Guy, Bodyguard, Gabriel Gabriel (photo)

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Man and Guy are facing away from the audience sat at a table. Gabe is in the doorway looking around.}
Gabe: So it's true! You bastards. People are already dying playing World of Warcraft!
Gabe: They don't pee anymore! They just stop peeing.

Panel 2

{Zoom into Gabe. Bodyguard has got Gabe and is dragging him back out the door. Gabe is holding a photo of Gabriel Gabriel.}
Gabe: This is a picture of my son! He needs his father.
Gabe: You're killing me! You're killing meeee!

Panel 3

{Zoom into Guy and Man. Guy is looking at Man.}
Guy: What did he say? It sounded like a cash register opening and closing. Kinda like, "Ch-ching, ch-ching."
Man: No, no - I heard more like a slot machine jackpot. Sorta "Ding-a-ding, ling-ling-dong-ding-ding."

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