Claw Shrimp!

Cast: Gabe, Tycho, Doctor Bobson

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Panel 1

{Panel pans behind Gabe. Gabe is facing Tycho, who has his hand slightly raised.}
Tycho: You ever catch a crawdad?
Gabe: That's like a big shrimp, right?
Tycho: No, it's like a tiny lobster.
Gabe: Right, which is basically a big shrimp.

Panel 2

{Panel pans behind Tycho. Tycho lowers hand. Gabe points upwards.}
Tycho: or, it would be, but shrimp don't have claws.
Gabe: What about Claw Shrimp?
Tycho: Claw Shrimp.
Gabe: Oh yeah. Big claws on 'em. Live real deep. Big as a man.

Panel 3

{Zoom out Gabe has lowered his hand. Tycho has pulled out a knife.}
Tycho: I'm going to stab you now.
Gabe: Fair enough.

Panel 4

{Scene change. Gabe has his shirt off and is sat on a table, with a doctor checking the knife wound. Tycho is in the foreground, but blurred.}
Doctor: This is a very deep wound.
Tycho: Well, I try.
Doctor: Were the two of you diving? This injury is very reminiscent of a Claw Shrimp attack.

Panel 5

{Tycho turns around, putting his hand on his head and closing his eyes. Gabe and the doctor are now blurred.}
Tycho: GOD.
Gabe: See?
Tycho: Shut up.

Panel 6

{Doctor Bobron has entered the room. The original doctor's hand is seen, all bloody. Blood has been splattered across the room. Gabe and Tycho are off panel.}
Bobron: Jesus Christ! What the hell happened? Did a Claw Shrimp get loose in here?

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