The Throes Of Data Addiction

Cast: Chet, Worker, Guy, Dude, Woman

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Panel 1

{Man is stood with his hands on the trolley in a supermarket. Worker is facing away from audience in the background. Box at top.}
Box: Live Anywhere will give you access to useless information, um... anywhere. Was not being able know your friend's gamerscore where you're at the supermarket a huge problem?
Chet: Oh man... Oh man. Is Frank playing Uno? What if he's playing Uno? Fuck. Fuck me. I need to know if he's playing Uno or not. I can't call him. I just called him!
Chet: I gotta call him.

Panel 2

{Chet gets his mobile phone out. Guy and Dude are walking past in the background.}
Chet: Hey, Frank. Yeah, it's me again. Are you playing Uno? Fuck, I knew it! Did you get some points? I bet you got some points. How many points did you get? Okay, I gotta go. I gotta call Brain. What's your score? See ya, bye. What's your score.

Panel 3

{Chet leans forward slightly. Woman stood behind him. Worker stood in front.}
Chet: Brian, it's Chet. You playing fucking Ghost Recon? You know what Frank's doing, right? Fuck yeah, you called it man. Fucking Uno. Hell yeah, he's getting points. Jesus. He's getting points all over the place.
Chet: What's your score.

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