Ill Communication

Cast: Gabe, Gamer

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Panel 1

{Two boxes at the top and bottom are seen. A picture of the mute set is in between the boxes. The mute button is pointed at.}
Box: This here is the mute button for your headset. Please use it.
Box: There is shit about your life that I don't want to know.

Panel 2

{Gabe is leaning back on the couch, playing a game and wearing a headset. Box at top.}
Box: Maybe a huge grasshopped flew into your room. I don't fucking care about that.
Gamer: {headset} Oh shit, there's a huge grasshopper in here and he's flying all around! Somebody get this grasshopper out of here, fuck me!

Panel 3

{Gabe is leaning forward. Box at top.}
Box: I don't need to hear about your day at school. Your life is not as interesting as you think.
Gamer: {headset} see my teacher is all like you gotta do your homework and i was all like suck it bitch oh shit i think that's my mom peace for real though.
Gabe: What?

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