Abandon All Hope

Cast: Man, Satan

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A man is stood in front of Satan in Hell.}
Satan: Hey there, welcome to Hell. You're just in time!
Man: Wait, isn't it supposed to be hot there? A lot of fire and whatnot?

Panel 2

{Satan turns around.}
Satan: Well, we could certainly turn up the heat.
Man: Heh, no thanks! Say, this isn't so bad! I figured I'd have a mouth full of bees, you know, boil in my own urine, or whatever.

Panel 3

{Satan's hand is pointing to an open cinema door with a Tomb Raider time chart of 3:00 - Eternity.}
Satan: Oh, yeah. Ha! No. We pretty much just show Tomb Raider now.

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