Videogames Are In The News

Cast: Interviewer, Jack Thompson, Scientist, Bobby, Robert Guy

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Panel 1

{Jack is stood pointing. A message saying "Jack Thompson - Alarmist" is at the bottom. Interviewer off panel.}
Interviewer: {off panel} Jack Thompson, you've had harsh words for a videogame based on The Merch - but should we be equally concerned about the popular kids' series the game is based on?
Jack: They're both despicable. But science has shown us that it's one thing to watch The Merch fuck someone's dad, and another thing entirely to fuck that dad yourself while the controller shudders with each unwelcome thrust.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Scientist is holding a chart. Bobby has an encephalator on his head. The Fleshreaper is portrayed on an image in the background.}
Scientist: We've got Bobby here hooked up to the encephalator while he plays. Just look at these brain numbers. They're off the charts.

Panel 3

{Scene change. Robert is stood with his hands raised slightly. "Robert Guy - CEO Vapidsoft" written at bottom. Interviewer off panel.}
Interviewer: Do you think it's irresponsible to promote a game that forces players to murder children while they sleep, and collect their body torsos?
Robert: I think that the obscene financial rewards for my company far outweigh any dangers posed by creating a generation of brutal killing machines.

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