Open Mic Night

Cast: Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho is sat on a stool playing the guitar, looking down.}
Tycho: "Fifteen Bucks for new GRAW Levels," said the devil with delight - young men raged on the forum page, then bought it in the night
Tycho: They had no points, so between joints they bought that currency, the twenty dollar minimum made twenty bucks the fee

Panel 2

{Zoom in slightly. Tycho closes his eyes.}
Tycho: And then they tried, with tear in eye, to grab that little file - but the devil squeezed, the download seized, and he cried out with a smile

Panel 3

{Zoom in further.}
Tycho: "You'll pay twenty when it should be ten, and ten when it should be five: and you'll pay five when it should be free, as sure as you're alive."

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