Men Are From Krypton

Cast: Lois Lane, Waiter, Superman

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Lois and Superman are sat at either side of the table holding menus and looking at the waiter. Waiter stood between the two. Superman is pointing at his menu.}
Lois: The Seared Ahi... And could I get that with the side salad, instead of the potatoes?
Waiter: Mada, this is the Sky Cafe. You're royalty tonight. And for the
Superman: {interrupts} Tell me about this Pan Roasted Garlic Chicken.

Panel 2

{Lois and Superman put their menus down. Waiter looks at Superman. Superman slams his fist into the table.}
Waiter: Well, it's a beautiful cut
Superman: {interrupts} Yeah-huh. Does it have any Kryptonite?
Waiter: Well, there is a light Kryptonite glaze...
Superman: See? What did I tell you about this place.

Panel 3

{Waiter leaves. People in background look at Superman. Lois raises her hand slightly. Superman lowers his hand.}
Lois: Can't you just scrape it off?
Superman: No, Lois. Princess. Honey gem jewel. I can't just scrape it off. I'm fucking allergic. You know what that means? It means I'll die.
Superman: Oh, that's right. Everybody fucking stare. It's dinner and a show!

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