Cast: Gabe, Kara

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Panel 1

{Gabe and Kara are looking at the Candlejoy Junction.}
Gabe: Oh, no. No fucking way.
Kara: I'll only be a minute.
Gabe: That's a Goddamn lie, and you know it.

Panel 2

{Kara and Gabe are in the store. Gabe is carrying several products.}
Kara: Alright. We've got the wax potpourri burner, the unscented warming candles, and these scented wax pucks. Are we missing anything?
Gabe: Yes. All my money.

Panel 3

{Kara is off panel. Zoom into Gabe. Gabe is holding a ripped bear with stitches and blood on it.}
Gabe: Look. I made this bear.
Kara: See? I said you'd have fun.
Gabe: It's a dire bear. He's got the plague.

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