Also Known As Blackmail

Cast: Male, Guy, Dude

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Panel 1

{Male, Guy and Dude are stood. Guy is about to dial the phone, which he is holding. Male and Dude are in the background, clenched fists in the air.}
Guy: Okay, you guys... We're going to call Microsoft and make our demands!
Male + Dude: Linux on Xbox!

Panel 2

{Guy slams the phone down. Male looks at him. Dude points at Guy.}
Guy: Ahhhh!
Dude: What? What happened?
Guy: It was a girl! A girl answered!
Dude: They know our weakness.

Panel 3

{Male, Guy and Dude are facing the audience. Guy has a big grin. Male is waving.}
Male: You totally talked to her, though. That's pretty cool.
Guy: Yeah. I bet this is what sex feels like.

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