Whoopsie Daisy

Cast: Fan, George Lucas, Tom Cruise (voice), Tom Selleck

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Fan and George are stood facing the audience in front of the television. Fan is crouching. Box at top.}
Box: When asked why the new Star Wars DVDs are rips from old laserdiscs and not beautifully restored prints, George Lucas claimed to have "taped over" the original trilogy.

Panel 2

{Fan stands up straight. Tom Cruise's voice heard from the television.}
Fan: George, look... This isn't Star Wars. This is Top Gun. Are these all the tapes you have?
Tom: {voice over} Talk to me, Goose.
Fan: Please, God. Maybe it's just this one. Give me Empire.

Panel 3

{Panel pans over the television. Empire Strikes Back tape is in the video slot. Tom is on the television. Fan and George off panel.}
George: {off panel} I used to love this show.
Fan: {off panel} George, I need to ask you a question. Was Tom Selleck in Empire Strikes Back?
George: {off panel} No, he wasn't.
Fan: {off panel} Is this Magnum P.I.?
George: {off panel} Yes, it is.

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