Penny Arcade

Kara in 2020.JPG

Kara Gabriel is Johnathan Gabriel's wife. She is based on Kara Krahulik, who in turn is Mike Krahulik's wife.


Kara has shoulder-length brown hair, sometimes dyed blue or cyan. She wears a light purple t-shirt that has a Wombat logo on the front. She also has blue pants to go with the entire ensemble. Kara is depicted with several tattoos on her right arm, the most visible being the Deathly Hallows pictogram from Harry Potter.


She once went on a romantic holiday with Gabe away from computer games, but then Gabe accidentally revealed that he had brought his Pokémon game with him.

She burnt all of Gabe's old comic books as they were all labelled as "Spawn".

She once helped Brenna get rid of the Fruit Fucker 2000 after it began stalking and obsessing over them. They captured him in a box and shipped him off to a remote island.

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