This is a full, now complete, list of comic strips released in 2006.

Comics Edit

Date Title Cast
January 2, 2006 Wealth Beyond Measure Gabe, Tycho
January 4, 2006 Really More Of A Loose Guideline Tycho, Gabe
January 6, 2006 Bottom Toppings Gabe, Tycho
January 9, 2006 BFF! Tycho, Gabe, Scientist, Girl, Female, Man
January 11, 2006 Oh My Dear Sweet Lord Gabe, Charles, Tycho
January 13, 2006 DNDA Boss, Employee, Jim
January 16, 2006 Jesus Is My Guild Leader Gabe, Tycho
January 18, 2006 Savannah Heat Brenna, Tycho
January 20, 2006 The Partial Revolution Dan Hsu, Peter Moore, Gamer
January 23, 2006 Eldritch Erotica Gabe, Kara
January 25, 2006 On Botany Gabe, Tycho, Thomas Kemper
January 27, 2006 A Field With Virtually Unlimited Potential Gabe, Tycho, Pig
January 30, 2006 Good Money After Almost Incalculably Bad Employee, Investor
February 1, 2006 Mr. (Penetrat)Ed Horsepire, Gabe, Tycho
February 3, 2006 Cost Cutting Measures Gabe, Tycho
February 6, 2006 In The House Of Boggs Tycho, Christian Boggs, Gabe
February 8, 2006 The Sporting Life Employee, Gabe, Tycho, Fan
February 10, 2006 They Are Among Us Gabe, Tycho
February 13, 2006 Precision Ordnance Annarchy, Tycho
February 15, 2006 For The Love Of God Please Play Our Game Boy, Employee
February 17, 2006 Lies And More Lies Gabe, Tycho
February 20, 2006 In Which Fair Food Makes An Appearance Gabe, Thomas Kemper, Angel, Jesus, Angel
February 22, 2006 Torment Unyielding Alfina, Yuki, Lizard Man
February 24, 2006 Our Secret World Gabe, Tycho
February 27, 2006 Someone please call security Tycho, Gabe, Employee
March 1, 2006 A Waste Sensation Gabe, Tycho
March 3, 2006 The Forbidden Fruit Gabe, Charles
March 6, 2006 The Tome Of Secrets Tycho, Gabe
March 8, 2006 The Gambler, Part One Gabe, Tycho
March 10, 2006 The Gambler, Part Two Gabe, Hobo, Kenny Rogers
March 13, 2006 The Gambler, Part Three Gabe, Kenny Rogers
March 15, 2006 In League With Demonic Forces Randy Pinkwood
March 17, 2006 Viva Decapitation Pinata, Chicken Pinata, Miguel, Kid, Kid, Kid
March 20, 2006 This Is What Democracy Looks Like Tycho, Gabe
March 22, 2006 Leaf-Eyed Sons Of Bitches Tycho, Pork, Gabe
March 24, 2006 The Noble Sir Sleepington Gabe, Tycho
March 27, 2006 The DouJinshi Code Tycho, Gabe
March 29, 2006 A Blatant Disregard For Canon Tycho, Gabe, Spider-Man
March 31, 2006 Further Deviations Gabe, Tycho, Winnie the Pooh
April 3, 2006 Lanternalia Fan, Gabe
April 5, 2006 The Zone of Pure Breakfast Gabe, Tycho
April 7, 2006 On Sacks Microsoft, Lionhead Studios, Gabe, Tycho
April 10, 2006 I Hope You Like Text Gabe, Tycho
April 12, 2006 Doctor Feelgood Doctor Feelgood, Gamer, Doctor
April 14, 2006 The Insuperable Barrier Of Language Tycho, Gabe, Lik-Sang Wong
April 17, 2006 As Spring Dawns Cardboard Tube Samurai, Tonkatsu, Man, Man, Sword
April 19, 2006 Treachery In 1080i Gabe, Kara
April 21, 2006 Interpersonal Conflict, Phase One Tycho, Gabe
April 24, 2006 Interpersonal Conflict, Phase Two Gabe, Tycho
April 26, 2006 The Bump Tycho, Man, Alien
April 28, 2006 Whence Wii Employee
May 1, 2006 That Infernal Industry Satan, Employee, Developer, Demon, Man, Bungie, Man
May 3, 2006 A Failure To Plan Tycho, Gabe, Fish
May 5, 2006 His Diminutive Master Gabe, Jiminy Cricket
May 8, 2006 The Unmistakable Scent Tycho, Gabe
May 10, 2006 The Not So Dearly Departed John Smedley, Brad McQuaid, Employee, Employee
May 12, 2006 E32k6: Lost In Translation Gabe, Tycho
May 15, 2006 Kentia All-Stars Man, Gabe, Tycho
May 17, 2006 I Am Ashamed By Proxy Tycho, Gabe, Man, Security
May 19, 2006 The Song Of The Sorcelator, Part One Tycho, Gabe, Grimm Shado
May 22, 2006 The Song Of The Sorcelator, Part Two Tycho, Gabe
May 24, 2006 The Song Of The Sorcelator, Part Three Mr. Valgariad, L. H. Franzibald
May 26, 2006 The Song Of The Sorcelator, Part Four Fans, L. H. Franzibald, Tycho, Nightstand, Gabe
May 29, 2006 The Song Of The Sorcelator, Part Five Nightstand, Tycho, Gabe
May 31, 2006 Tycho Ever-Listening Kid, Gabe, Tycho
June 2, 2006 The Same As It Ever Was Fox News Reporter
June 5, 2006 Almost Startlingly Retro Tycho, Gabe
June 7, 2006 Whoopsie Daisy Fan, George Lucas, Tom Cruise, Tom Selleck
June 9, 2006 The Enemy Tycho, Guy
June 12, 2006 The Adversary Gabe, Guy, Tycho
June 14, 2006 Fair Distinctions Gabe, Tycho
June 16, 2006 Treachery Manifest Man, Gabe, Guy, Bodyguard, Gabriel Gabriel (photo)
June 19, 2006 The Throes Of Data Addiction Chet, Worker, Guy, Dude, Woman
June 21, 2006 Gremlins Are A Rich Source Of Gremlinium Gabe, Gremlin, Guy
June 23, 2006 Always Remember There Are Two Of Us Waitress, Gabe, Man, Barber, Chris
June 26, 2006 Open Mic Night Tycho
June 28, 2006 Men Are From Krypton Lois Lane, Waiter, Superman
June 30, 2006 Summer Road Epic, Part One Gabe, Tycho, Daddy Brahe, Mommy Brahe
July 3, 2006 Summer Road Epic, Part Two Gabe, Leonard, Tycho
July 5, 2006 Third Grade Gold, Wild Styles Elephant, Bear
July 7, 2006 Third Grade Gold, The Secret Gabe, Tycho, Pig
July 10, 2006 Better Late Than Never Worker, Miner
July 12, 2006 A Wider Perspective On Flavor Gabe, Tycho
July 14, 2006 F(r)iction Mayor
July 17, 2006 Transformers Transfigured Gabe, Tycho, Michael Bay
July 19, 2006 Do You Hear What I Hear Tycho, Gabe, Man, Pilot
July 21, 2006 Sketchstravaganza Tycho, Man, Gabe, Jedi, The Merch
July 24, 2006 Huns At The Gates Of Canon Man, Gabe, Tycho
July 25, 2006 Admonishments: ViewSonic Gabe, Real Guy, Tycho
July 26, 2006 Turnabout Gabe, LocoRoco
July 28, 2006 The Three Es Tycho, Gabe
July 31, 2006 Twisp & Catsby In: The Land Of Upp Balloon, Catsby, Twisp, Balloon x14
August 2, 2006 The Ecology Of The Suburban Thug Tycho, Gabe, Kevin
August 4, 2006 Man's Inhumanity To Man Tycho, Gabe, Person
August 7, 2006 Armadeaddon: Dark Genesis Zombies, Gabe, Tycho, Frank
August 9, 2006 Armadeaddon: The Black Orchard Frank, Charles, Guy x5
August 11, 2006 Armadeaddon: Blade Princess Gabe, Tycho, Zombies, Annarchy, Galahad
August 14, 2006 Armadeaddon: Sundered Union Galahad, Annarchy, Zombies
August 16, 2006 Armadeaddon: Flesh Harvest Zombies, Tycho, Gabe, Fruit Fucker 2000
August 18, 2006 Armadeaddon: Bitter Cup Gabe, Tycho, Fruit Fucker 2000
August 21, 2006 Armadeaddon: Ominous Moniker Tycho, Annarchy, Galahad, Frank, Gabe, Charles, Jim
August 23, 2006 Armadeaddon: Grim Exodus Charles, Frank, Annarchy, Galahad, Gabe, Tycho, Jim, Zombie
August 25, 2006 Armadeaddon: Epilogue Woman, Gabe, Galahad, Tycho, Jim
August 28, 2006 Peer Into My Crystal Ball Gabe, Tycho, Div, IGN Guy x2, Dude
August 30, 2006 An Unseemly Grip Tycho, Gabe
September 1, 2006 Prinny Please Prinny, Gabe, Tycho
September 4, 2006 Arms Aren't Even That Cool Guy, Dog
September 6, 2006 New From SquareEnix Mario, Goomba, Tycho, Gabe
September 8, 2006 Horse D'Oeuvres Gabe, Tycho
September 11, 2006 A Bird Misused Tycho, Gabe
September 13, 2006 Wiiactions Dude, Tycho, Gabe, Man, Guy
September 15, 2006 Assume The Worst Man, Tycho
September 18, 2006 In Breach Of Warranty Gabe, Tycho
September 20, 2006 Eastern Delights Gabe, Tycho
September 22, 2006 The Secret Weapon Gabe, Tycho
September 25, 2006 Stripmining Guy, Scott Rosenberg
September 27, 2006 Mysteries of the Deep Tycho, Gabe, Ariel
September 29, 2006 Censorship Made Easy Sam Brownback, ESRB Employee
October 2, 2006 Zune And Very Zune Tycho, Gabe
October 4, 2006 Imprecision (As It Relates To Erotica) Tycho, Gabe
October 6, 2006 John Gabriel, Dentista Tycho, Gabe
October 9, 2006 Golf Evolved Halo Soldiers, Cloud, Ifrit
October 11, 2006 The Green Harvest, Part One Tycho, Gabe
October 13, 2006 The Green Harvest, Part Two Tycho, Gabe
October 16, 2006 Stark Comparisons Ogre, Undead, Blood Elf
October 18, 2006 Advertising In The Future Tycho, Gabe
October 20, 2006 The Ugliest Man Alive Tycho, Gabe
October 23, 2006 Misdirection Guy x2, Sam Fisher
October 25, 2006 British Spoken Here Tycho, Gabe, European Doppelganger x2
October 30, 2006 Nightmare At Twenty-Thousand Feet Gabe, Co-pilot, Guy
November 1, 2006 Ba Dum Bum Psh Tycho
November 3, 2006 Acts of Cord Giraffe, Guy x2, Grizzled Sea Captain
November 6, 2006 Age Ain't Nothing But A Number Tycho, Gabe
November 8, 2006 Hijinks Ensue Microsoft Employee x2, Woman, Locust
November 10, 2006 Meet Mr.Hyde Tycho, Gabe
November 13, 2006 You Know It To Be True Tycho, Gabe
November 15, 2006 Reading Between The Lines Major Nelson, Chip Lang
November 17, 2006 Maximum Moisture Guy x6
November 20, 2006 A Word Of Thanks Rainbow Six Player(s)
November 22, 2006 The Turkey Trilogy, Episode One Tycho, Gabe, Annarchy, Annarchy's Father
November 24, 2006 The Turkey Trilogy, Episode Two Tycho, Gabe, Mommy Brahe, Annarchy, Annarchy's Mother, Annarchy's Father
November 27, 2006 The Turkey Trilogy, Episode Three Mommy Brahe, Gabe
November 29, 2006 Lubricado Guy x2
December 1, 2006 Hookworm Adventures Tycho, Gabe
December 4, 2006 'Tis The Season (For Deceit) Tycho, Gabe, Div
December 6, 2006 Rainbow Sux Rainbow Six Players x3
December 8, 2006 Apparently Quite Amusing Tycho, Gabe
December 11, 2006 More Cautious Than Optimistic Tycho, Gabe, Guy, Shaman
December 13, 2006 The Next Step Sony Employee, Doctor
December 15, 2006 Definition Theatre Tycho, Gabe
December 18, 2006 Seriously, Though, For Real Foodstop Employee, Guy x2
December 20, 2006 And Here's Gabe With The Weather Tycho, Gabe
December 22, 2006 The Hawk And The Hare, Part One Cardboard Tube Samurai
December 25, 2006 The Hawk And The Hare, Part Two Cardboard Tube Samurai, Guy x2, Girl
December 27, 2006 The Hawk And The Hare, Part Three Cardboard Tube Samurai, Guy x2
December 29, 2006 The Hawk And The Hare, Part Four Cardboard Tube Samurai, Girl
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