Not "Hat," "Haters"

Cast: Raziel, Gabe, Fan #1, Fan #2

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Raziel is stood at a podium.}
Raziel: Thank you all for coming. With the cancellation of Soul Reaver for the Sega Dreamcast, we will be unable to reave those souls at this time.

Panel 2

{Gabe has his hand up and his other hand is holding a Dreamcast.}
Raziel: These souls will remain unreaved until such time as a comprehensive reaving strategy can be put into place. I'll take a few questions.
Gabe: Hey, liar! So you're abandoning teh Dreamcast? Spit it out! Just say... Hey, why are you glowing with evil light?

Panel 3

{Raziel has pulled his mouth cape down and has reaved Gabe's soul.}

Panel 4

{Gabe's body is lifeless. Two other fans are now scared.}
Raziel: Are there any other questions? I can take two more.

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