The Word Is Terror

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A close-up of a calendar is seen. "Halo 2 vs. Bungie" is circled.}
Gabe: Oh shits! I totally forgot. We have to play Bungie in Halo 2 today!
Tycho: When did I agree to this? They made the Goddamn thing. It is the very seat of their power!

Panel 2

{Gabe and Tycho are stood facing each other.}
Gabe: I sort of agreed for both of us.
Tycho: Then you can go and get sodomized for both of us.
Gabe: Come on, we'll play CTF. Then, when people look at the score, they'll say "Well, I guess they only lost by two."

Panel 3

{Gabe pulls out a pill.}
Tycho: What if they want to play Slayer?
Gabe: We bite down hard on these cyanide tablets.
Tycho: Uh huh. You always have the best plans.

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