Viva Decapitation

Cast: Purple Pinata, Chicken Pinata, Miguel, Ginger Haired Kid, Hat Wearing Kid, Eating Kid

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Two pinatas are looking at Miguel, who is tied to a tree.}
Purple: Oh, there's Miguel.
Miguel: It's you guys! Thank God! Listen! You gotta get me down!
Purple: What did he say? I can't really hear him.
Chicken: Let's go say hi.

Panel 2

{Miguel's head gets decapitated as chocolate falls out. Kids have killed Miguel and have started to eat the chocolate.}

Panel 3

{The purple pinata and the chicken pinata are shocked as the panel has a close-up.}

Fun Facts Edit

  • This comic is meant to represent Rare's newest game; Viva Pinata.

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