Why Elves Gots To Be Like That

Cast: Bob, Man

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Bob and Man are stood facing each other. Bob has his hand raised slightly. Man is holding a piece of the broken pot.}
Man: Goddamn elves took my rupees!
Bob: Did you take the necessary precautions?

Panel 2

{Scene change. Man is putting rupees into seperate pots.}
Man: {voice over} Of course! I put half of them in conspicuous pots. The other half I just hid outside, in the tall grass.

Panel 3

{Back to Bob and Man. Bob has lowered his hand. Man is rubbing his chin in thought, with the pot now put away.}
Bob: Don't tell me he found the grass ones, too.
Man: Oh yeah.
Bob: I mean the pots, yeah, but...
Man: We're dealing with a professional here, Bob.

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