As Seen In Modern Lair

Cast: Carl, Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Carl leans against a trashcan in Gabe's garage, facing Gabe. A giant red eye glows behind him.}
Carl: I got 'im, but I found something a mite peculiar: a big ol' crack, lookin' into darkness. Didja know yer whole garage is built over some kinda warren, forgotten by the good people of th' Earth? I saw some nightmare writin's through that crack, and I was afeared. Turned my eyes away.

Panel 2

{Closer shot of Carl, now four menacing eyes can be seen over his shoulders.}
Carl: Whelp, damage wise, you're looking at 'bout a hunnerd. Cash, check. Whatever. I'm easy like Sundee mornin'.

Panel 3

{A deep crow is fully revealed. It is seen crushing Carl in its mandibles. Massive amounts of blood spout from his sides.}

Panel 4

{Gabe enters his house, clearly nonplussed. He slams the garage door, and holds it tightly shut by leaning against it. Tycho stands facing him.}
Tycho: Problem solved?
Gabe: Yeah. Uh-huh. Yes. Let's go to the Olive Garden.

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