Herbs And Spices

Cast: Warrior, Knight

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Panel 1

{Warrior and Knight are stood facing each other.}
Warrior: Do I look like a little girl to you?
Knight: Not really.
Warrior: Do I have cute blond pigtails? Little dress, maybe?

Panel 2

Knight: Not that I can see, no.
Warrior: Well, I just assumed that you thought I was Goldilocks, seeing as you left me alone back there with three fucking bears. You want to tell me what's so great over here?

Panel 3

{Zoom out, making Warrior and Knight silhouettes. Knight is digging.}
Knight: There was a Silverleaf Bush. And besides, you seem to have made it out okay.
Warrior: Oh yeah, yeah - I was fine. They just wanted to talk! Turns out, only I can prevent forest fires.
Knight: That's nice.

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