An Excerpt From The Book Of Deeds

Cast: Sir Tristram, rat

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Panel 1

Sir Tristram is striking a heroic pose. He is in full battle regalia, and while the taint of a ruined world may be seen around and on him, a thaumaturgical glow emanates from his form and into the ruddy sunset.
Sir Tristram: Come then, you corrupt things — you creatures of darkness! For this morn, the thirsty blade of Sir Tristram will drink deep!

Panel 2

A giant rat emerges, still half in darkness and greedily clutching at the skulls of those it has already dispatched. Its eyes are giant balls of fire, piercing the darkness. It opens its mouth to reveal teeth covered in slaver and blood.

Panel 3

Tristram and the rat are playing Puzzle Quest. Tristram is deep in thought and the rat is holding a stone the same color as its eyes.

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